International Conference on Education & eLearning Innovations ICEELI’17

The recent innovations in Education and E-Learning are considered among the most important aspects driving changes in different sectors of our knowledge society. Learning technologies used in the education field are reshaping educational activities towards more adaptation and availability for the benefit of the learner.

Conference Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS)
  • Online/Virtual Laboratories
  • eLearning Standards (SCORM)
  • Virtual Universities
  • Distance Learning vs. eLearning

Infrastructural Development in Education

  • Emerging Technologies in Education
  • eScience Cyber infrastructure
  • Network Security and Infrastructure
  • Security in Education and E-Learning systems
  • System Design and Architecture

E-content Development

  • Knowledge Management
  •  ePortfolios
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Plagiarism
  • User-Generated Content
  • Videos for Learning (YouTube, Video Conferencing)

Topics in Education

  • Education and Globalization
  • Impact of Education on Development
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Internet Accessibility: Advances and Barriers
  • Student Support in Education       Cloud Computing & E-Learning
  • Cloud Computing for E-Learning
  • Cloud Computing Infrastructures for E-Learning
  • Cloud Computing in Classrooms
  • Cloud Architecture for Education
  • Challenges in Cloud Computing Environments

Network Infrastructures

  • Networking Technologies and Applications
  • Infrastructure Requirements for E-Learning Implementation and Delivery
  • Developing a Custom Portal
  • Digital Libraries and Repositories
  • Wireless Technology
  • VoIP
  • Network Infrastructure and Services Strategy

Computer Supported Collaborative Work

  • Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVEs)
  • Web 3D Applications and Virtual Reality
  • Mobile/Wireless Technologies
  • The Impact of Web Technologies in Education
  • Updated Classroom Technology
  • Innovations in Computer Supported Learning
  • Pedagogical Innovations in Education
  • Learning and Teaching Models and Methodologies
  • Student Learning Evaluation and Assessment
  • Tutoring, Mentoring and Coaching
  • Teaching Models and Techniques
  • Collaborative and Problem-based Learning

Trends in Education and E-Learning Infrastructures

  • E-Learning/ Mobile Learning/ Distance Learning/ Virtual Learning
  • Virtual/Managed Learning Environments
  • Scalability of Learning Systems
  • Integration with ERP systems Web 2.0 and Social Networking: Blogs, Wikis …

Education in Practice

  • Educational Innovations and Best Practices
  • Enhancing Learning in Higher Education
  • Skills and discipline Transfer
  • Curriculum Design and Development
  • Quality Assurance/Standards and Accreditation
  • Tutor development and Follow up Procedures
Virtual Environments and Web Applications for eLearning
  •  E-Learning
  •  Web Technologies and Tools for Educational Purposes
  •  Services for E-Learning Platforms
  •  Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)
  •  Course Management Systems
  •  Web applications for Teaching
  •  Social Implications of E-Learning
  •  Lifelong E-learning
  •  Teaching-Learning Experiences using the Internet for Educational Purposes
  •  E-learning in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and other HE contexts
  •  Web protocols for VLE
  •  Security for VLE
  •  QoS for VLE
  •  Storage management in VLE